Sunday, February 28, 2010

day 56

Ran with Rich and Bry this morning. The rest of the cult was there, too...but they run faster than we do so they went off and did their own thing. Bry turned around at 30:00, and rich and I went out to 45:00. He has done many interesting things over the course of his life, and I love to talk about them while we run. Today, he was telling me the story of how, on his THIRD (!), trip across the country (East to West that time, which he will "never do again"), he was hit by a car in Des Moines, Iowa. They took him to the hospital, and the people of the town rallied around him to make sure he knew that they cared. His nurse was a special woman, whose husband was an Iowa State Trooper. When Rich was released from the hospital to fly back to NJ, the trooper gave him a police escort to the airport. Nice touch. Anyway, a year later, after recovering from his injuries, he flew back to Des Moines, and finished what he started a year earlier.

RUN- 1:31:08, 8 miles, 130bpm, 1195cals

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  1. Can't get enough Rich stories. How can I get in that running cult?