Sunday, February 21, 2010

day 49

Woke up with the head cold in tact...still wanted to get something in, so I decided on something different. Gave Steve a call at Caffeinated Cyclist, to see if I could come over and use his Computrainer. He has the IMLP course on there, so I figured that would be cool to try. Plus, I haven't really been on my bike since I got the powertap the information was uploaded and everything is working with that. So, thats good news as well.

I rode about the first 27 miles or so of IMLP course, trying to keep my HR pretty low. I think I did ok, I definitely could have pushed harder, but its all about keeping things at a steady pace. I doubt by July I'll be in a position to go out and bomb the course, so we'll just focus on getting through this one.

Thats the course profile up at the top. The part I rode was, about the middle of the 20 and the 40 mile mark. Yes, the fun starts after.

BIKE, 1:38:03, 28.04 miles, (which felt like 48.04 miles), 124 bpm, 1151 cals

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