Thursday, February 25, 2010

day 53

Long day today...alarm went off at 5:25am, and I got on the bike at around 5:45. I rode for an hour, and when I got off, my back was really bothering me. My chiropractor is off on Thursdays, so I have to wait til Friday to get cracked.

Went down to Rowan after work to get some swimming in (tri class was cancelled due to snow). I had every intention of doing a straight 2500, but my back was too tweaked. I decided to dial it down some and do an easy 1250. (50 laps). I finished in 22:24, which isn't bad, considering my back was bothering me, and I was taking it easy. Afterwards, I had a nice talk with my "mentor", Rich, about some things that I'm going to have to prepare for. He helps me with confidence, and he's very positive when he talks about my abilities. Sometimes, you need to hear these things.

part 1 (6am)- BIKE (z1)- 1:00:00, 24.28 miles, 110bpm, 98rpm, 110 watts
part 2 (6pm) SWIM- 1250 (22:24)

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