Tuesday, February 9, 2010

day 37

The plan called for a swim + 1:00 run. I felt fine during my swim warmup, then a feeling of lightheadedness kicked in, but I pushed through anyway. I swam like an angry fish during the main part of the workout (3 broken 300's, 100+ 2 50's + 4 25's), with the 100's in the 1:14- 1:20 range, the 50's in the 32-35, and the 25's as low as 14 seconds. I pushed, and I knew I wasn't feeling that good...and I knew I had to run after, which I totally wasn't looking forward to. When I got upstairs to the run portion, I sucked as bad as expected. I managed about 40 minutes, of flat out muscling through, before I said "fuck it" and gave in to myself. I struggled the whole time with thoughts and questions about whether this whole thing is a good idea or not. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I can only hope.

SWIM, 12oo wu, (3) broken 300's, 100cd
RUN, 40:00, 138 bpm, 589 cals


  1. "I once met three guys named pain, suffering and sacrifice. Now, we're inseparable. We're best friends." LA

  2. Thanks. Tough day. Even Lance probably whimpers once in a while.