Monday, February 15, 2010

day 43

Well, I'm glad that week went down the drain. All in all, it totally sucked. Yes, I was able to muscle through some workouts, but very disappointing as far as 1)weight loss, and 2) stamina during workouts. I guess I just have to look more forward than back.

I ate like shit this weekend. I didn't even weigh myself this morning, update on weight loss. You probably don't like to assume, but you can assume that my weight loss was not good.

Heres what this week has in store:

TUESDAY- SWIM, RUN 1:00 (z2)
WEDNESDAY- BIKE 45:00 (z2) transition to RUN 15:00
THURSDAY- SWIM, BIKE 1:00 (z1, 100+rpm)
FRIDAY- RUN 1:15 (z2)
SATURDAY- BIKE 2:30 (z2)
SUNDAY- RUN 1:15 (z1 to z2)

1 comment:

  1. From the chatter in class, seems like everyone struggeled last week.
    Keep the Faith!!!