Saturday, January 2, 2010


Ok, so yes. My first chance of writing "2010" this morning, and I (of course), wrote 2009. Blew it. ANYWAY, today was tri-class (special, clinic "open house"). There were lots of people there, like 25...Half of them swam with Nick and did drills and technique stuff. The other half did a pyramid workout. I wore my watch, so that I could start to keep track of specific times for each part of the pyramid. I was happy, and able to stay consistent throughout. After the swim, we did a 1:00 spin sesh. Nothing crazy, and to tell you the truth...I really hate the spin bike. Its just not the same.

swim- 400 wu, 1000 pyramid (8x25, 4x50, 1x100...then back down)
*did the 25's between 19-21 seconds, the 50's around 40, and the 100's were 121 and 128...the VERY LAST 25, I went all out and did a sub-14. VERY happy with that.

bike- 1:00, 118bpm, 575 cals

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