Sunday, January 24, 2010

day 21

So, the original plan was for a couple of old friends from high school to run with me this morning. Roy (Turkey Trot Guy), and Chuck, another guy from my school who is also in my tri class this time. Roy forgot about some plans that he had, so he couldn't run today, and I couldn't get a hold of Chuck to confirm for this morning. I guess maybe there was some confusion, because I showed up at 7 and no Chuck. I waited til 7:15, then called Bryan, to see what time the cult was running and where. I met up with him at a Rite Aid parking lot at 7:45 and we went to this other guys house and ran from there. I ran with Richard and Bry for about 20 mins, then Bry turned around and Rich and I continued to about 37:00 until we turned around. This was my longest run to date and I felt fine afterwards. Turned out OK...

RUN, 1:18:00, about 6.5 miles, 128bpm, 985cals

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