Monday, January 4, 2010

Week 1, Day 1

And so it starts...yes, it starts with a rest day, but it starts. I'm going to be following a program that I got from a book called beIRONfit, By Don Fink.

My starting weight is 248, as of this morning. I thought I'd be a little less, due to the amount of training that I've done. I really need to focus on nutrition as well as workouts during this next phase. I've taken some body measurements as well.

NOTE: I'm 6'4" and 37 years old.
Chest- 44 1/2
Waist- 44
Hips- 42 3/4
Thigh- 26 3/4

WEEK 1 looks like this:

TUESDAY- SWIM (about 2500 yards, with drills and intervals mixed), run 30:00 zone 2 HR
WEDNESDAY- 30:00 bike (Z2) with transition to 15:00 run (Z2)
THURSDAY- SWIM (2500, drills and intervals), BIKE 30:00 (Z1, 100+rpm)
FRIDAY- RUN 30:00 (Z2)
SATURDAY- BIKE 1:00:00 (Z2)
SUNDAY- RUN 45:00 (Z1 to Z2)

This program starts out at 6:00 in week 1 and builds up to 11.5 hours/week. The average is around 8.5 hours. My base training has prepared me for the "Intermediate" level of training. Hopefully, I will be successful, and this program will ultimately get me to the finish line at IRONMAN USA!


  1. Looks like a good effort to start. Not to heavy, not to light. Good luck with the training.

  2. J, request. If you don't mind. On blogger you can add followers on the side bar, it's easy to do and is in the layout section. If you put it on, I can sign up and it updates me regularly when you post to your blog. I enjoy reading it and don't want to miss a post. If you don't mind adding it.

  3. Yeah, no prob. I thought I had that already? But, anyway, I went in and added.

    Have you ever heard of the beIRONfit book? He lays out three programs, "COMPETITIVE", "INTERMEDIATE" and "JUST FINISH". I thought I was going to be doing the "JUST FINISH" when I started all of this. But after building up some base, I've decided to challenge myself, and do the intermediate.

  4. No I haven't, but from what I can see it looks like a decent plan. The big key for IM, especially at our ages, is consistency.