Sunday, January 10, 2010

day 7

So, end of first far, so good. Other than the migraine on Tuesday and the vomit that followed, I had a pretty good week with training/diet. I basically tried some portion control techniques at dinner time, and changed (slightly) the way I ate throughout the day. I've had some weight loss, but I'm going to wait until my monday REST DAY weigh in to put the official weight on here.

Today, a nice steady run on the indoor track at Rowan. I signed up for the spring semester of the tri class, and they told me I was got the last spot. I think Nick was talking about expanding it, so it might NOT have been the very last spot, but I was glad that I got in nonetheless. I'm looking forward to that starting up again...its fun to hang out with those people, and there is A LOT of inspiration in that room. Good deal.

I need to calculate my zone 2 for running. I wasn't running that hard, but my heart rate was into my zone 3 for biking heart rate. I would expect them to be different, since I've been biking for a long time, and concentrating on running just over the last few months. I talked to Jack, and he's going to send me some info regarding run heart rate zones. If anyone out there knows, that would be great as well. Thanks.

RUN 45:00, 152 bpm, 747cals

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