Monday, January 11, 2010



Thats how much I lost in week 1. 10.5 pounds. I think that qualifies as success when it comes to dieting. I guess I'm learning that sometimes I just eat to eat. Because it tastes good. Because theres some left. Whatever the reason, I keep eating. So I have been trying to stop. Stop before my stomach is completely full. Eating on a smaller plate, and eating slowly. Things I've never really done well in the past. I'm going to keep at it, and hopefully I can get lean as we head into spring and the training ramps up. I'm actually looking forward to seeing what I can do with less weight to carry up the big hills.

Anyway, week 1 is in the books. Here is what Week 2 has in store for me:

MONDAY (today)- rest day

TUESDAY- Swim (300wu, 8x50 drills, 16x25 @10sec, 1x400@60sec, 16x25@10sec,8x50 drills, 200cd) RUN 30:00 (Z2)

WEDNESDAY- BIKE 30:00 (Z2) transition to RUN 15:00 (Z2)

THURSDAY- SWIM (300 wu, 8x50 drills, 1x300@40sec, 3x200 @30sec,1x300@30sec, 8x50 drills, 200cd) BIKE 30:00 (Z1 @100+rpm)

FRIDAY- RUN 45:00 (z2)

SATURDAY- BIKE 1:30:00 (Z2)

SUNDAY- RUN 1:00:00 (z1 to z2)


  1. Awesome job on losing the lbs. I'm extremely impressed and jealous. haha.

  2. Joe,

    VERY AWESOME!!!! Your efforts this far have inspired me to turn up cycling effort up a notch. This year I plan to try something new and enter several TT's.
    Congtrats on the weight loss too!!!!