Thursday, January 7, 2010

day 4

Scheduled off today, so I didn't have to wake up at 5:30 am to get part of my workout in. Thats a good thing.

Went to Rowan at around 12:30, feeling pretty good about getting this swim workout in. I felt great starting out, and did the 300 warmup. After the 8x50 of drills, I set a goal for myself with the 12x100's. I would swim on the 2:00's. Hopefully, I would keep my swims in the 1:30-1:40 range, which would allow for at least a 20 second rest for each 100.

I decided to push some on the first one, and when I finished I was at 1:21. I followed that with 2 or 3 in the 1:25 range, then a few at around 1:28, and eventually by 100 #6 or so, went over the 1:30 mark. My slowest was 1:34, and for #12 I pushed to a 1:28 again. I was VERY happy with this effort...felt strong...felt the drills working...very happy.

When I came home, I did part 2 of todays workout...30:00 bike, zone 1, 100+ rpm. check. A good day altogether.

SWIM- 300 wu, 8x50 drills, 12x100's (range=1:21-1:34), 8x50 drills, 200cd
BIKE- 30:00, 13.06 miles, 119bpm, 99 cadence

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  1. Ok I am already tired reading this....not only that but it makes me feel lazy!