Tuesday, January 5, 2010

day 2

Part 1, AM run (Z2): 30:00, 139bpm, 484 cals

I seriously battled a migraine for most of the afternoon. I thought maybe I needed to eat something before going for my swim at 5:30. I usually don't eat BEFORE a pm workout, no matter how late the workout. So, in a sense, I broke my own rule. The swim itself was fine...felt good on the warmup and the drills, took it easy on the 100's (found out my "warmup" pace is about 1:35-1:45 per 100 yards. Faster than I thought). I still felt sick in the pool towards the end. The lifeguard told me they were getting ready for a meet in a few minutes, so I bagged the 2nd 400 of drills, and hit the cool down. No biggie.

I felt worse when I went to the locker room, and by this point, could only hope that I made it home before barfing. I made it to the parking lot...got in the car...got out of the car...and barfed many times in front of the car, right there in the parking lot. Gross, I know. Ironic that this happens on what is technically my FIRST DAY of training. Nasty.

Part 2, PM swim, 300 wu, 8x50 drills, 12x1o0 (20 seconds rest)- all within 1:35-1:45 "easy" pace, 200cd. 5 barfs. :)

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