Friday, August 21, 2009

Power Tappin

So, tonight I went to see my buddies at the Peddler's Shop to get some info on the FREE POWER TAP with purchase of CycleOps PT-300 deal. Seems legit, and I should be getting a free powertap comp (wired) in a few weeks. I will probably ebay it, since I need some other stuff (wetsuit, etc) for tri training.When I was there, I talked to Steve about riding in the donut derby with me (labor day) as a sort of pace setter. Would be a good guy to have on my side, although I'm a little leery about his donut eating abilities/speed combo, and he is definitely a guy that could pull a "Contador" on me and speed off to a win, while leaving me in the dust. ha.

I also talked to Jack about some stuff I need to start thinking about. We were talking about 1 day a week getting together for brick workouts. He wants me to swim 2x a week (which I plan on) and lift shoulders, chest, and arms 3x a week (which i do, but off and on). I told him about what I've been doing as far as running goes, and he seemed to like my plan...telling me to keep it up and build base until January, which was also part of my plan. We talked about doing an Olympic in May, and a half ironman in June...also, something that I was aware i'd have to do. So, it seems like my plan is right on, with the exception of the brick workouts. Its great to get his opinion, because I respect him as a triathlete...and a friend. I know he'll look out for whats best for me.

Monday is day 1 of swim training

treadmill 20:00 walk (with 3lb weights), Ab and Ob workout on bioforce

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