Sunday, August 23, 2009

HEED me, Seymour!

So, today the plan was to go out for a REAL zone 2/3 ride with Ben. We made our arrangements last night, and agreed to play it by ear as far as the weather went this morning. Well, it turned out ok, and the forecast was for clearing skies through the morning. Very humid, but clear.

I decided I was going to test out my new sports drink purchase, HEED (subtle strawberry flavor). At first, I wasn't sure, since it has kind of a diet-y aftertaste, but it kinda grew on me. Seemed like it worked, as I drank two bottles during our ride and felt pretty good.

The ride itself was great, since we were able to keep Sid Vicious under control. I joked about Ben and I being the Schlek brothers trying to work against Sid in a breakaway situation. Yes, thats what its like. (except for the fact that Andy Schlek weighs like a hundred pounds less than I do.)

Overall, a great ride. Just what I needed for today. TOMORROW will be MY FIRST SWIM WORKOUT, since the Rowan Pool will be open again! I'm pretty excited, and I plan to be there bright and early at 6am.

BIKE: 2:37:00, 48.7 miles, 18.8mph, 128bpm, 1998cal

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