Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chicken Cheesesteak Stromboli HANGOVER

So, last night, after a week in which I've pretty much stuck to the plan regarding my "caloric intake", we decided to order takeout from the local place. Of course, like many people, when given a choice I will choose something bad over something good. I ordered a chicken cheesesteak stromboli, and loved every single last juicy bite of it. Then, after dinner, we watched a copy of THE HANGOVER that someone found and left on my doorstep!

Of course, the chicken cheesesteak stromboli was much better to me 12 hours ago, as my stomach is a mess right now, and I am getting ready to run. Oh well, lesson learned. No chicken cheesesteak stromboli for dinner the night before the race. ha.

treadmill 45:00, with (10) 7mph, 1min intervals (with 1 min rest), 127bpm, 463cal

music: ipod shuffled. apache, yeah.
mood: happy its raining, since I'm working today and would miss the P-shop group ride.

hi-o silver, is what I say.

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