Tuesday, August 25, 2009

first swim

Yesterday was my first swim in the Rowan pool...and also my first swim in preparation for IRONMAN USA. Since it would be my first time in the water to train in a while, I decided to just see if I could handle a 30:00 swim, nice and easy. I got in, swam a 100 yard warmup, then took a break for about 45seconds to a minute, then swam 1100 yards without too many problems. I was actually going to stop at 1000 yards, but still had a few minutes left, so I kept going. It was a good first test, and left me feeling good, since I felt as if I was actually getting stronger as the time wore on. I didn't get out because I was tired, I got out because time was up and I didn't want to go crazy the first time out. All in all, very good sign.

SWIM, 30:00, 1200 yards

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