Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Like a hot potato

Getting dropped...

We've all been there. No matter how fast you are, at one point or another its going to happen to you. Because, after all, theres ALWAYS someone faster (even if just for one day, Lance). Anyway, it happened to me in a big time way tonight.

I got a call from this guy Justin, who lives in my development, about riding tonight. I knew he'd been doing a lot of riding with Action Wheels, and he's been getting in a lot of mileage this season. He was just looking to chill, and asked if he could come along to the Wednesday ride. Sure, I told him, explaining about the specifics of the Wednesday ride (there are none, it pretty much depends on who's on it)

We get there, and it seemed like we had (2) choices...the A+++ ride, full of racers...or the C ride, which was full of, ummm...lets just say "non-racers". I decided to take the plunge, figuring that i'd eventually get dropped, but what the hell...maybe I could hang on for a bit,even though I had a solid 30 pounds on EVERY guy there (not in a bad kinda way, but these were some skinny, racing type, mofo's)...ANYWAY, being the guy who takes FOREVER to warm up...and since the A+++ riders like to shoot out of the gate "balls to the wall" style...I lasted about 10 minutes before getting COMPLETELY blown off the back. You gotta laugh, though, when you look at your speedometer and it says 21.0 mph, as you watch the other guys ride away from you like you're some slowpoke. I took a sort of, "it is what it is" type of attitude, and continued on. Eventually, I caught up to another guy who got smoked out, and we ended up riding the rest of the way together. Wasn't a bad ride, wasn't a bad pace...just not as fast as the A+++'ers.

Oh, and Justin? He hung in like a champ. At one point the A+++'ers came roaring past us like we were riding backwards. We were doing 22mph at the time. Sick.

bike (Wednesday night PScycles), 1:20:00, 26.3 miles, 19.4 mph, 142 bpm, 1530cal

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