Monday, August 31, 2009

8/30 bike

I got a call from Ben on Saturday afternoon asking whether I wanted to do "3 hours, zone 2/3, no sid". These Sunday morning rides have been pretty good to me these last few weeks, and since I know Ben is a stickler for his zones...I decided to take him up on it. He once again amazed me with his precision routes, and we got back to the house almost EXACTLY 3 hours after we started...and with a HR avg of 135. I guess he's good to have on my side, since when I ride alone I am not nearly as precise. He does keep dodging my offer to ride on my team in the donut derby, though.

bike (w/ben) 3:04:00, 56.13miles,18.5 avg, 135bpm, 2545cal

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