Saturday, August 22, 2009

cursing Mother Nature

So, after 3 or 4 REALLY nice (although humid) mornings, of course its pouring and thundering on my day off. Even though I read the weather forecast yesterday, I remained optimistic through the night that MAYBE it would only rain, and not T-storm in the morning. Well, weatherman was right. Joe was wrong. So, I took the game inside.

When I first got on the bike, I thought it would be nice to finally watch the training video that came with it. The Science of Power, or some bullshit. Basically it was a waste of time. I watched, and Dr. Allen Lim explained why I should workout using power and HR #'s as gauges. I knew why, i wanted some POINTERS. No pointers. I bet I have to BUY that tape. The one with the pointers.

Anyway, after I shut that off, I switched to ipod. I've noticed something about the iPod shuffle...seems to play one artist MORE during each session. Example: the other day, I heard like 5 or 6 Beastie Boys songs in an hour. Today it was Matisyahu that I heard alot of. Just an observation. I don't really care, because my playlist only has songs that I like, so as not to be stuck with a crappy song while working out.

Oh well. Another one down. Peace.

BIKE (indoor, thanks to Mother Nature screwing me), 1:00:00 (10:00 w/u, 45 min zone 3/4 w/(10) 30sec 300 watt intervals (max watts 578, max hr 164bpm), HR 134bpm, avg watts 151

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