Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tri Class, 9/29 RIP STEVE

At the beginning of the session, there were four new people in the tri class. Me, Frank ( I knew from PShop cycling), Dan (who happens to work with my brother in law), and Steve. Steve was an older guy, who was very enthusiastic about progressing in his swim technique. He followed along, and really gave it his all.

When I got to tri class last night, Nick gave me some bad news. Steve had been out for a run on Sunday morning, and sometime after returning, he collapsed and died. I was in shock, since we often shared a swimming lane during class, including just last Thursday. He was a nice guy, and even though I just met him a few weeks ago, I am deeply impacted by his death.

We swam, did the broken 250's again (this time "only" 4 of them), and a 300 cool down. My knee was still bothering me from the 24 Hours Of Booty ride, so I skipped out early on the rest of the workout.

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