Sunday, September 13, 2009


So, today I went out for a training ride with Ben and Sid. Took a little bit of a different route, but somehow ended up with EXACTLY 2:30 mins. These two are sick. I don't understand how we can ride, pretty much as HARD as we can, never crossing back or doing another loop..and yet STILL finish at the exact time they wanted. 2:30, zone 2-3... that was the ride. and poof, thats what happens. Maybe I'm too laid back about things...but Jesus Christ, I don't think I could plan stuff out like that.

Anyway, yesterday NPR aired the story about the donut derby. You can listen to it here: Scroll down to DONUT DERBY to listen. The reporter did a good job.

BIKE (with Ben and Sid), 2:33:00, 48.67 miles, 19.3 avg, 130bpm, 2012 cals

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