Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Tri Class

Yesterday was my first "tri" class at Rowan. It runs on Tues/Thurs nights, and Saturday mornings. The idea is to swim/run or bike at nights, and Swim/bike/run on Saturday.

The first class was pretty good. I guess some people who were signed up didn't show up, since its a holiday weekend....which led to me getting some one on one time with the instructor of the class at the pool. He started out by videotaping my swim technique, and after seeing "only a few little things" that I need to improve, we worked on some swim drills for about 50 minutes. (My shoulders are totally paying the price today for that work). After the drills, I swam 2 more 50's, and the drills seemed to help correct the problem I was having. So, more work on that to come.

After that was a 45 minute spin class. Pretty basic, spinning with music...lotta resistance which is something I'm not used to doing. Usually I would just spin at high cadence, as if I was riding outside. I guess the high resistance is why my legs are sore today. haha.

At the end of all that, I did a 20 minute run around the inside track. Felt good, and it felt good to get it done. Hard work, but satisfying. Can't wait to see the improvements I will see from taking this class.

Tri class, 1:00:00 swim, 45:00 spin class, 20:00 run

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