Friday, September 18, 2009

run, 3.5 miles, 45:00, 118bpm, 485cals

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  1. Hey Donut King!
    Only 19 donuts this year. Did you unload it on the turnpike again? I don't think my body can handle all that refined sugar and still respect me.

    My brother just did a half ironman 2 weeks ago.
    I'm doing a triathlon today (sprint distance) with my brother. it's 600m 20k 4k.
    My son is doing his first tri race (kids of steel) today. He's all psych'd for it. He's 4.

    I just wished it was warmer. It's going to be about 68 deg F today.

    I got Chris R into spinning. I think he's liking it. I even got him to buy clipless pedals.