Thursday, September 3, 2009

donut derby and me...the history

2005- I read online that there is an event run by the Lehigh Valley Wheelmen called "THE DONUT DERBY". It consists of a 36 mile bike ride, with 2 stops at miles 12 and 24, during which riders eat donuts. For each donut you eat, 3:00 is subtracted off of your race time. Perfect race for me, I thought. I would later find out that there would be no donut derby in 2005, for unspecified reasons.

2006- My first Derby. I recruited my friends Ray (back when he used to ride) and Chris to race with me. Goal was 20 donuts. I went crazy at the first stop, eating 12...but could only muscle down 5 at the 2nd, at which time Ray proclaimed me to be a "pussy". I ended up coming in 2nd place for donuts, but a new strategy was born on the car ride home.

2007- Ray and Chris out...Johnny and Tom in. Johnny is key, he's a mastermind at timing and keeping things on pace, which perfectly offsets my lack of urgency at all times. The strategy would be to eat the donuts at the SECOND stop, and hopefully any feeling of sickness would be delayed until long after the finish line. I did 6 at the first stop, and 13 at the second...for a total of 19 donuts. I waited around at the finish, and heard of no higher number. However, when they were giving out the prizes, it was revealed that race officials made a mistake, and gave the "GOLDEN DONUT" to another rider, who also ate 19. *NOTE* I won on tiebreaker, since my ride time was over 45:00 faster than his.

2008- I was determined to get the GOLDEN DONUT. I was not only looking for the overall donut title, but also the overall winning time. This was unprecedented, since the overall time winner usually doesn't waste time eating donuts. (or can't for that matter). Again with Johnny, we developed our strategy on the way to the race. 20 donuts, 2:00 ride time. Ambitious? yes. but totally doable. We rode at a crazy pace to the first stop...averaging around 23mph. I strategically ate only 8 donuts at the first stop, and was right back on the bike as if I never stopped. We flew through the next 12 miles, and then I knew it was game on. I ended up breaking the previous record, and I ate 20 donuts at the SECOND STOP..for a total of 28! People were having their picture taken with me, as we all knew that I was heading for glory. I hustled back, and my ride time was 2:16:00 for the 36 miles, INCLUDING the time I stopped to eat. I ended up breaking records for donuts and for time, in what could be called the greatest Donut Derby ride of all time.

I don't know whats in store for this year. I have assembled an all star team to pace me through. I should have no problem with 20+ donuts...although I have been eating a little better in preparation for this Ironman next year. I will be sure to update on Monday afternoon to let you know.


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