Monday, March 29, 2010

day 85

Good week on the plan last week. Lost 1 more pound. Training felt good. Had my best run ever on Sunday with Roy. Feeling good, just tired. But thats how I'm supposed to feel...RIGHT?

TUESDAY- SWIM, RUN 45:00 Z2 (at 10:00, insert 3x3:00 Z4 @ 1 min jog)
WEDNESDAY- BIKE 45:00 transition to RUN 15:00
THURSDAY- SWIM, BIKE 1:00 Z2 (at 15:00, insert 2x5:00 z4 @ 3min spin)
FRIDAY- SWIM, RUN 1:00 (at 45:00, insert 5:00 z4)
SATURDAY- BIKE, 3:00 z2 (at 2:50, insert 5:00 z4)
SUNDAY- RUN, 1:15 (z1 to z2)

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