Tuesday, March 2, 2010

day 58

Good start to my workout week. Got down to Rowan a little early, got in the pool at around 6:1o or so, and was able to get a nice 650 warmup. So, then, Nick came in...and sprung a pop quiz-like 100 time trial on us. I really wasn't mentally prepared, and since he gave us about 30 seconds to get ready...maybe that was the reason for my ONE SECOND drop in time. Haha. Just kidding. I ended up swimming a 1:08, which is slightly off my PB. I know for a fact that my turns were off, and thats probably where I lost the most time. My strategy was different this time...I decided not to go out all balls to the wall, like i usually do, and to take it easy and save some for the end. I kinda faded in the last 25, though. All good.

Anyway, after that, we did a nice interval pyramid workout in the pool. I definitely swam with my 1:00 run in mind. I took it easy, working at a comfortable pace for the most part. My run went well. I was able to keep my HR in zone 2, while running the whole hour at a nice steady, slow pace. I'm ok with the slow pace. My goal is to maintain that slow pace for hours. If I can do that, I'm in.

SWIM- 650wu, 100TT (1:08), 2x25, 2x50,2x75,2x100,2x200,2x100,2x75,2x50,2x25, 250 cd.
RUN- 1:00:00, 141bpm, 889 cals

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