Saturday, March 20, 2010

day 76

Okay...first things first. I weighed in this morning for the Biggest Loser contest. I was 220.6, which is -1.4 for the week, and -30.8 from the beginning of the contest. I'm very happy with these results. As of now, it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to pull out a win in the contest. Even though I've lost around 12% of my body weight, I'm in THIRD place overall. The guy in the lead started out at 261, and weighed in at 221 this week. 40 POUNDS!! I'm ok with it, though. Yeah, the $500 prize would be nice (STILL two weeks to go, so you never know), but I feel like I've won already. These thirty pounds will help me (and HAVE helped me) become a better cyclist and runner in the end.

I also picked up my new ride this morning. The components were switched over from my old FUJI Professional to a LeMond Zurich. The bike was slightly used, but it was too good of a deal for me to pass up. Upgrading from aluminum with carbon rear triangle to a full carbon frame. Nice. A new bike is always exciting.

Swim today was pretty good. We warmed up with 300, then did a 300 TT. I controlled my swimming, and didn't really go "balls to the wall". I tried to pace myself for the 300 and came out ok. I had a 4:12. My first 100 was 1:17, the 200 in 2:45. So, I was happy with that time. After that, we did some drill work, and I think it totally beat up my legs. I went out for a road ride afterwards, and my legs felt so weak. Still, not a bad ride, and you can't beat the weather today.

Now, I'm gonna relax and watch some college hoops.

SWIM- 300 wu, 300 TT (4:12), 20x50 with assorted drill work.

BIKE- 1:20, 24.14 miles, 120 bpm, 1268cals

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  1. You can still win. Do what "UFC fighters" do. Hot sauna or steam, no food for a day, you could easily drop 20lbs and then go pig out somewhere. No surrender!!!!