Saturday, April 10, 2010

day 97

So, since I was supposed to do 3.5 hours on the bike, I decided to do a combo of the Pshop Wed AND Sunday loops. I knew it was going to be super-D-duper windy, but I bundled up and went anyway. I figured it would be an exercise in mental toughness if it was THAT windy. WELL, it was that windy, and I'm a big pussy. Thats what I learned today. Actually, I muscled through, but Jesus H., do I feel like crap now. To be fair, I guess a 15-20mph wind would do most people in on a 3.5 hour ride. That headwind...omg. I was on a flat road, doing 380 watts, and moving at 13.6 mph. FLAT ROAD.

Well, anyway...I feel tough now. :)

BIKE- 3:12:14, 52.09 miles, 123bpm, 3763cals

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