Saturday, April 24, 2010

day 110

No wind today, which was good. I decided not to bring my garmin today, and just go by the info on my powertap. Well, when I pulled the bike off the roof, the powertap battery was dead, so I was sol regarding speed. That part kinda sucked at first, but after a while I just rode. Without worrying about speed, or power numbers, or any of that crap that we all worry too much about. And I just rode. It gave me that same joy I used to get as a kid, or when I'm out cruising around on my SS mtn bike. Just chillin.

Anyway, I will replace the battery. I will go back to worrying about numbers again. But, maybe I learned something. Every once in a while...go for a ride sans computer. Noted. ;)

BIKE- 2:48, 117 bpm, 1702 cals

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