Saturday, April 3, 2010

day 90

Last day of Biggest Loser. Weighed in, was (-1) and finished in 3rd place. I would have had to lose like, 20 lbs this week to win. I'm happy with what I've done. My goal was to be 215 by IMLP and I weighed in at 212 on my scale friday morning. Decided to get out early this morning, for 3:00 on the bike. I rode with three other guys, and I was the only one who hasn't completed an IRONMAN. Crazy. Anyway, good ride, we mostly just chilled...I got used to the new bike. I forgot my chest strap for powertap/garmin, so I don't have a heart rate number. Kinda weird how I've turned all techie lately, huh?

BIKE- 2:54:49, 44.18 miles

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