Friday, April 16, 2010

day 103

Wasn't really feeling it this morning with waking up. Was super tired when the alarm went off at 5:25...didn't really feel like getting out of bed, but did anyway. Figured I'd get some swimming in, even though my shoulders were sore from yesterday. It must have been that kind of morning for everyone, since the guy at the door of the Rec Center didn't open the doors til 6:05, which led me to getting in the water at 6:10. Since I had to be out by 6:45, that didn't leave me with that much time. I ended up just doing 4x400, with one time trial in there (6:13). Not bad.

Came home, and after breakfast went for a run. Had to do 1:00, and when I got started I felt pretty good. My first mile was like an 8:41, and I just felt strong from there. Ended up running 6.99 miles in 1:00, (8:35/mile), my best yet. (previous best was Sunday's 8:58 for a long run).

SWIM- 400 wu, 3x400 (#2 was TT, 6:13)
RUN- 1:00, 6.99 miles, 145bpm, 1206cals

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  1. Some days you just gotta grind through it!!!!
    Nice Job,