Wednesday, December 16, 2009


WOW. Has it really been almost 4 months already since I started with Nick? Jeez. Well, the good news is this: I'm feeling really strong in the water. I'm taking alot away from this class as far as knowledge goes, coming from people who I train with, as well as Nick. I definitely got the most out of the swim portion, and the group runs. So far, in training, nothing has pushed me more than running with others...whether thats Rich and Bry in Tri class, or with Roy in the Turkey Trot. *WHEN* I make it to the finish line at Lake Placid, I will definitely give a shout out to those who pushed me. (Yes, even Mr. Swim, who pushes me EVERY time I get in the water)

So, tonight, I decided since it was the last class, that I was going to push...HARD. We started in the water with a 300 warm up. I have this new thing that I started to do. My first lap (25m), i swim underwater. End to end. I feel it makes me breathe better or something. Its probably stupid, and can be put up there with my thoughts about "wearing tights while riding the trainer indoors, since that keeps my legs constricted" that everyone always laughs at. So, after my end to end underwater journey, I warmed up the rest of the 250. After that, Nick layed out the workout. Broken 500, then 400, then 300, then 200. The 500 would be (1) 200, (1) 100, (2)50's, and (4) 25's. On that first 200, I decided to really push, and I finished under 2:50 (which is my best 200 so far). The bad news is, the rest period is not that long before the 100 starts. I went hard on that, and kept pushing, telling myself that this was the last class...make it worth it. I kept up my intensity throughout the workout. After a 150 cooldown, I hopped out and talked to Nick for a few minutes by myself. He told me how well I'm doing, and how much stronger I've become since September. He did, however, say "imagine what you'd be like if you slimmed down...not that you're fat, but imagine losing a few pounds and keeping your muscle." I know he didn't mean anything by it, but I took that as him telling me to lose a few. I haven't focused that much on my diet in these last few months, and I promised myself I would come January when I start the rigid training program.

After we got changed, we did about a 20 minute spin on the bike. Nothing too crazy. Some people from class were trying to talk Rich and I into growing our hair until Lake Placid without cutting it. I took it a step further, saying that we shouldn't shave either. Rich vetoed both. (Not that I couldn't do it myself, but I've been lazy lately with regards to my hair, and this buzz job that my mom does every 4 weeks or so has been working out for me. PLUS, I can't grow a beard to save my ass, so I'd look stupid)

All in all, this tri class was the right thing for me. At $150, I think it was a great value. I'm looking forward to the spring session, which will take me up to mid to late May.

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