Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12/1, cottonball ride

Well, the doctor determined that my main trouble was basically "swimmers ear", with some wax lodged in there clogging things up. He flushed out the wax, which led to that clog feeling going away, so now I can hear...BUT, the pain is still there, and my eardrum is inflamed. He gave me some ear drops to put in there for a few days, and recommended that I stay out of the water until it clears up. I still have a slight head cold, so today I decided to stay inside and ride the trainer easy, just to get a sweat on. Its amazing how much a little cold can effect the heart rate. When I'm working easy at, say, 150 watts, my heart rate is USUALLY around 120 or so. Today, 135. As I pushed to 175 watts to chill, my heart rate climbed to the high 140's. Amazing how you can become so "in touch" with your body when you use a heart rate monitor. You can tell when you're having a good day, and when you're not. Fun.

bike (indoor), 45:00, 16.9 miles, 126 bpm, 135 watts *easy spin, due to head cold*

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