Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12/15, workout skipped...

...with good excuse. I decided that it would be a good night, without too much going on, to do the Christmas lights, and also take a look at what it would take to fix my treadmill. I've been dealing with the broken treadmill thing for a while now, and I isolated it to the running deck. I ordered the part ($139), which seemed to be just a 3 foot by 4 foot piece of wood (maybe its some "special" wood, WTFK?) Anyway, after doing the lights, I started to take apart the treadmill, using the instructions for "REPLACING THE BELT", which I figured would lead me up to the point I needed to be to take the deck off. I was right, and after the first 3 steps or so, I ditched the instructions, unbolted the deck, and slid the new one on. After making a few "modifications", everything seemed to go back into its proper place. All the parts that were removed ended up back on the treadmill, which I consider a positive. So, skipped workout, but lots to gain from treadmill works again. Yay.

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