Sunday, June 20, 2010

day 164

Scheduled 2.5 hour run. Decided to beat the heat and get out there early. Started at around 6:45 am, and at first, was going to try out some sort of run:walk ratio. Maybe a 5:1, 8:2, I don't know. Anyway, I felt I should give it one honest effort at controlling my pace a bit more, and staying at 10-11 min miles, right from the start. I walked 5 mins to start out, and then jogged at about a 10:30 or so for a while, and next thing I knew, I was over 1:00 in, and felt fine. I stopped for maybe a min or two, to slam a GU and regroup at the top of a hill, but other than that, I was moving right along. I ended up with my longest run to date, and felt like there was something left at the end. My legs were pretty shot afterwards, when I stopped, so I wore my compression sleeves around the house for a few hours after my shower. My legs are feeling OK, now, several hours later. All in all, a good confidence inspiring run today (for me, anyway, since I started out way back when, struggling to get through 3 miles straight.)

Heres the GPS link:

RUN- 2:24:07, 13.1 miles, (10:46/mile), 135bpm, 2274 cals

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