Saturday, June 5, 2010

day 145-150

Whew. This week went by fast.

Been TOTALLY slacking on this blog. wtf, Joe? I dunno. Just busy, I guess.

Anyway..Tuesday was kind of a bad day for me. Had some issues with my back, after mowing the lawn for the first time in 20 years on Monday. I know, long story, but basically my brother had a landscaping business that he doesn't have anymore. I went to the pool anyway, and did get in about a 1650 or so, before giving it up for the night due to back soreness. I bagged the run for Tuesday.

Wednesday, did a brick workout. Was supposed to do 45 ride/15 run, but I was feeling social that night, and wanted to ride with the group. Ended up having a nice 1:30 ride, and felt great. Ran 15:00 on the track after. BIKE 1:35:23, 29.22 miles, 19.1mph, 120bpm, 2499cals//RUN 15:29, 1.71 miles, 9:03/mile, 145 bpm, 293cals

Thursday, SWIM 3500 straight, (bout an hour, forgot my watch, duh), BIKE- 1:04:06, 17.79 miles, 17.0mph, 119bpm, 1360cals

Friday- SWIM- 500wu, 8x50, 12x75@20secs, 12x50@15secs, 12x25@10secs, 200cd / RUN- 57:23, 5.85miles, (9:44/mile), 142bpm, 1014cals

Saturday- BIKE- 3:56:18, 63.23, 16.1mph, 113bpm, 5073cals

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