Monday, June 14, 2010

day 151-157

Sunday- RUN, 2:22:18, 11.14 miles, (12:04/mile), VERY HOT. I pretty much sucked ass on this run.
Monday- REST
Tuesday- SWIM, 500wu, 8x50, 5x400, 300cd/ RUN, 59:15, 6.58 miles, (8:51/mile)
Wednesday- 45:00 bike/15:00 run, indoors, due to rain
Thursday- SWIM, OWS at Wenonah Lake, swam 5 loops at about .2 per. So, about a mile. / BIKE- 1:00, no #'s on that.
Friday- Skipped, needed a serious mental health break.
Saturday- BIKE (w/Richard and John K.), 4:43:36, 72.57 miles, 15.4 mph
Sunday- RUN (another hot one), 2:14:02, 11.76 miles, 10:51/mile, 142bpm

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