Monday, May 17, 2010

days 128-131

Ok, I'm getting lazy..I know. Totally slacking on the info here. But, I promise I'll be better from here on out. Really, I get all pissed off when I don't take pictures and stuff. Because, my rides always have good roadkill, and theres this Turkish-American Association building that is in the middle of hick land that always intrigues me. It happens to be not far from the place where you can get your deer meat carved up. I don't know. Just always makes me smile when I ride past there.

DAY 128

Thursday, I got word of an open water swim being held nearby. I want to get as much open water swimming in as I can, since I had a small issue with "sighting" during the race last week. (those problems would continue, probably even worse, since I was swimming this time in a clockwise rotation, and I breathe to the left). The lake is called Wenonah Lake, and from what I heard, its pretty nasty. Figuring it couldn't be much nastier than the Cedarville Lake swim of the Devilman race, I decided to check it out with Bry and Karen. It was pretty well organized, and everyone was a little hesitant to get into the water at first. The water temp was in the low 60's, and the lake was murky, as expected, since nobody has been swimming in it since last summer. I hopped in, and as soon as I put my face in I wanted to get out. It was SOOO COLD! Like, crippling cold. AND...there were dudes without full sleeve wetsuits in there. Those guys are just a bit more manly than I am. Anyway, I swam 4 laps in there, totalling about a mile, and I was out and OK with being done. I was able to play around in my wetsuit a little bit (swimming intervals and stuff), to see the difference it makes. At times, I felt like I was speeding along. Amazing difference that wetsuit makes. I still sight for shit, so I need to work on that.

SWIM- 4 laps at Wenonah Lake (OPEN WATER), cold, with mucho grande shrinkage.

DAY 129
I decided I was going to run in the AM and swim in the PM. Got a late start on the run, so I only did 45:00. Then, during work, I found out that Rowan Rec Center was closed friday night, to prep for Graduation on Saturday. So Friday kinda sucked in Joe Training world.

RUN- 44:56, 4.57 miles, 9:38/mile, 139 bpm, 792 cals

DAY 130
Ran Saturday, instead of SUnday, since I had to work. Swapped bike/run this weekend.
RUN- 1:10:15, 7.31 miles, 9:32/mile, 137 bpm, 1273 cals

DAY 131
Got a call from Ben on Saturday asking if I was riding SUnday. I told him my plan of 4 hours, zone 2. Made sure that Sid Vicious wasn't gonna come along, as he would surely blow it up. Ben is a great guy to ride with, since he understands the importance of staying in heart rate zones while working out. We had a good ride, shooting the shit for nearly 4 hours, while struggling at times in a slight wind. Nice comfortable pace.
BIKE- 3:53:48, 64.90 miles (17.2mph), 122bpm, 7534 cals

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  1. Yes, Wenonah Lake is murky and gross, even in June and July with full swimming activity going on in there! Way to go with your swim, even if in a wetsuit.....still WAY to cold for me this time of year! Keep up the good work