Wednesday, May 5, 2010

day 119

Day 119 is one that I would like to forget. I just wasn't feelin' it. When I first got to the pool, I decided that I was going to do an easy straight swim instead of working out with the class. After swimming a 300 warm up, I decided to just stick with the class, and do the workout that Nick had for us. I just wasn't feeling so great...arms were heavy and it felt like every 25 was work! So, I decided to make up for it by having a good run. I start running and I felt like crap. My stomach was all acidic and I just couldn't get through it. So, I cut it short and bagged it.

So, anyway, I'll just move past that and focus on the rest of the week, and my race on Saturday.

Swim- crap
Run- crappier.

no worries.

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