Wednesday, May 5, 2010

day 120

Felt really good tonight. I was felt so rushed, getting home from work...getting changed really quick to get back out the door and get to my workout by 6. Pretty much just took the bike off the roof and hopped on it and took off. Had a nice ride of 45 mins, then switched into my running shoes for a 15 min run. I wore the tri suit outside of the house for the first time (lol), but I did wear something over it, so as to not look like a total tri geek out there wearing a race suit on a short training ride. I wanted to get the feel of it before I wear it "fer real" on Saturday. Seemed to work out.

BIKE- 43:31, 12.85 miles (18.3 mph...I was averaging over 19.5, but I did some easy spinning back to my car and rode the bike over to the track to run. *Not to make excuses...just sayin')
RUN- 15:00, 1.80 miles (8:12/mile)

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