Saturday, October 31, 2009


swim/ 400wu, 200TT (2:53), then I did 1000 yards, going hard for 100 then recovery for 100 (5 sets, no rest), 200 cd

bike/run 45:00 bike, 15:00 run, indoor. 131bpm, 740cals

Very happy with the 2:53. I was hoping to be under 3:00 for this. Was my first timed 200 EVER, so I had no idea of how to work the strategy of it all. I ended up just going, kinda feeling it out, and finishing strong. Overall, not bad. Next time, goal is 2:50, but I'm thinking by the time I get back from vacation, we'll be up to 300's as time trials. Bring it on!


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