Saturday, October 24, 2009


Up early this morning, since I was scheduled to work. Decided a run on the treadmill would be the best for today.

Forgot to bring my ipod down with me, so I hit up the ON DEMAND and started watching 21 from Encore. I saw it before, so it wasn't hard to turn off after about 35-40 mins. Helped get me through. I ended up walking for the first 10 (usual warmup), then I ran for the next 35, which is becoming easier and easier for me.

I've been thinking about doing a 10k sometime at the end of November or early December, kinda just to use as a training run/test. I put a call in to a friend of mine, and we're gonna try to work something out between the two of us...and sign up for something. He's a lot stronger of a runner than I am, but said he's willing to go slow to help me out. Really, I think it depends on how much running I do on vacation. If I stick to my plan, and get some runs in, I hope to not lose too much of what I've built up. I don't want to go down there and eat crappy, not exercise, etc...because that will set me back. I'm building up both cardio and discipline by waking up, exercising, eating (somewhat) right...I don't want to fall into bad habits.

treadmill 45:00, (10:00 wu, 35:00 run), 3.7 miles, 122bpm, 511 cals

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