Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm scheduled off today, since I have to work Saturday. Yes, this sucks for a bunch of reasons. First, I hate working Saturdays for "straight" time. Its one thing to give up your Saturday for OT, but on straight time, it sucks. Second, I have to miss my tri class...which also means I will miss the TT in the 200 free. This particular weekend sucks even more, since I was scheduled LAST Saturday (200 TT #1) as well.

I'm going to miss tri class tonight as well, since I'm going to see the movie about the Leadville 100 mountain bike race from this past August. I decided early in the day that I was going to head down to Rowan to get a swim workout in, sometime around 12. The pool is closed from 9-12 on weekday mornings, so 12 would be the earliest that I could get there.

The swim was good, and I did the same workout that I'd do if I were heading to class tonight. Ran into a guy I know, but haven't seen in a while, and shot the breeze with him for a little bit.

SWIM, 200wu, broken 1650, 200cd

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