Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well, last week they informed me that tri class would be moved to Mon-Wed-Sat from Tues-Thurs-Sat. It kind of messes up the flow of things in my house, since Nicole has swim Mon-Wed, and the routine was that i was taking her to swim on the days that I didn't have my class. Oh well, we must adapt.

Tonights swim was another tough one. I think Nick likes these 300's split up like this. First a 300, then (2) 150's, then (3) 100's, then (4) 75's, then (6) 50's, then (12) 25's. Its a very tough workout, especially when theres less than 10 seconds rest on those 25's. Feeling great in the water, though.

Tonight was the first time i got a big mouthful of chlorinated water in a while, though. I went to class on an empty stomach, and the water didn't sit so well with me. Ended up deciding to leave after the swim to get home and get something to eat. No big.

Swim, 200wu, (6) broken 300's, 100cd

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