Sunday, November 15, 2009

11/14 tri class, with 300 TT in pool

This was going to be my first timed 300. My endurance for this stuff has been really improving since I first started. And I thought I was OK at the beginning of training. I mean, I could muscle through things, but now I feel like I'm really getting BETTER at it. These intervals have gone from being TOUGH, to almost tolerable, to actually kind of enjoyable. I love to push as hard as I can, especially during the final set. That being said, I was still a little nervous about doing a timed 300. My 200 time was 2:53, so when I was setting my goal for the 300, I had to consider that the third 100 would probably be a little slower than the first 2. I figured I'd be around 4:30, but set my goal at 4:45 since I didn't know what to expect.

I started out pretty hard on the first 50, then settled in for about 150 just cruising...I started to feel the burn at about the 225 mark, and when I hit the wall for the last 50, I decided to just go all out, knowing that I only had about 30-35 seconds to go. I ended up swimming a 4:30 on the dot, so my prediction was right on...and, of course, my goal was met.

Swim 500 wu, 200 drills, 300TT (4:30), (5) broken 300's (2 150's, 3 100's, 4 75's, 6 50's, 12 25's)
200 cd (This was probably my longest and hardest swim workout to date. After the all out 300, those intervals were TOUGH.)

run 15:00, just to get the legs moving.

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